Melanie Woods


Even as a child I appreciated and admired old stuff! From chandeliers, to rugs, to ornate carved mantles, to rustic old shipping boxes, I wanted to know their story and how they came into existence. As I got older the love of hospitality rubbed off on me from my mother.  She hosted, I can remember, countless celebrations for family members and friends. Infatuated with every aspect of parties and weddings... I began helping others with their celebrations...everything from growing the flowers and arranging them, cooking, making personalized favors, to the decorating. Which has now evolved into a specialty party rental business. Several years ago, I started collecting old furniture and accessories to offer as specialty party rentals. 


Happily Ever After Event Rentals has the most breathtaking rentals for any type of event, corporate, private party, wedding, bridals, photoshoots, showers and more. I would love to share these unique items with you for your special event. Whether you are looking to rent a piece or need help staging an event, for the love of everything party, I am here to help. My collection will make any occasion you are planning, extraordinary!

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